Smart meters / What to expect on your smart meter installation day

What to expect on your smart meter installation day

3-step smart installation

1. Before installation

We work in partnership with meter operators (MOPs) who carry out smart meter installations on our behalf. They’ll arrange a time and date with you – please bear in mind your business will be without power for about 20 minutes.

The qualified engineer who comes to your premises has to show you a photo ID card before starting. After seeing this, you’ll need to provide easy access to your existing meter. This is where the engineer will install your smart meter, unless your Distribution Network Operator has agreed to re-locate it or identified that you need additional preparation work. If you anticipate a problem with access, please advise us – or our installation company – beforehand.

Also, to make sure the loss of power doesn’t damage your computers, alarms and other sensitive electrical items, please turn them off before the engineer starts work.

2. During installation

The engineer will install your smart meter, check that it’s working and explain how it works.

Your smart meter relies on a secure, wireless network dedicated to the UK’s smart roll-out, and run by the Data and Communications Company (DCC ). The meter will use this network – not the internet – to transmit your data, making the process more secure.

There’s a small chance that a smart meter on your premises won’t have a strong enough signal to connect with this network. In this case, or if other issues prevent the installation being completed, the engineer will explain what options are available.

3. After installation

Assuming the connection between your smart meter and DCC’s dedicated and secure national communications network is working, your usage information will be transmitted to us automatically.

To offer you the most useful analysis possible, we’ll collect your usage data in half-hourly segments – although you can opt out of this arrangement at any time. If you do opt out, we’ll only collect monthly usage figures. This will affect the type of analysis we can offer and reduce our ability to provide you with relevant advice and propositions.

While we don’t expect you to experience any issues with your smart meter, you can ask us any questions about it by emailing:

Things to consider

On occasions, there may be connectivity issues between your meter and the national wireless network – leading to gaps in the collection of your data. If this happens, we may need to ask you for a manual reading to ensure we’re able to issue a bill that accurately reflects your usage.

It’s also worth noting that, depending on the timing of your installation compared with our monthly production of bills, the first bill we send may be estimated. If you receive an estimated bill and want to talk to us about it, please email

If you decide to switch from Haven Power to another supplier, you won’t have to change the smart meter we’ve installed. However, it may not operate in smart mode for a short time, due to interoperability issues with the new supplier. So, before switching, ask your new provider what support they can offer for the meter.

We want to make sure you’re happy with your smart meter, and with the service that we (and our installation partners) have provided. Soon, you’ll be able to complete an online survey and provide feedback – look out for our email about this.

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