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Win more business with low carbon energy

4th July 2019

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To help meet the government’s target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, UK businesses can switch to renewable energy sources for an easy “quick-win”. What’s more, such a move can do more than simply reduce your company’s carbon emissions; it can also boost your reputation and help you win more business.

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According to research by Unilever, one third of consumers are making an active choice to buy from businesses they believe are doing social or environmental good. Unilever also found that its “sustainable brands grew 46% faster than the rest of the business and delivered 70% of its turnover growth.”

These figures demonstrate that following a green agenda could give your company an important business advantage. A simple switch to zero carbon electricity will help your business reduce its carbon footprint and get closer to achieving your corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals. And it could help you win more business.

Renewables boost reputation

What works for a large company like Unilever can work for smaller businesses too. Since Low Costa Mill – a picturesque collection of holiday cottages on the North Yorkshire Moors – chose Haven Power’s renewable electricity, it’s attained Trip Advisor’s coveted Gold Eco Leader status. This gives the business a distinct advantage, enabling it to stand out in the highly competitive UK holiday market.

Rest easy with security of supply

By choosing Haven Power, Low Costa Mill has the reassurance of an association with Drax Group’ – the provider of renewable electricity to over 350,000 UK businesses.

As part of Drax Group, Haven Power can offer low carbon electricity – even when the sun’s not shining and wind not blowing.

Time to get nifty for 2050

For Low Costa Mill, it’s important to play a part in helping the UK reach its 2050 decarbonisation goals. And Jonathan Kini, CEO of Drax Customers, believes this is a commonly-shared objective: “Every business is different, but it seems most want to be more sustainable and play a part in reaching our climate targets – they just need us, the suppliers, to help them achieve these aspirations.”

“By making renewable electricity the standard, businesses become instantly a lot more sustainable. This allows us to move on the conversation with our customers to talking about other steps they can take, such as reducing their energy consumption, generating their own renewable power or even using batteries.”

Is it time for your business to go for the “quick-win” by switching? Or, if you’re already using renewable electricity, is it the moment for maximising the CSR, public relations and financial benefits? If it is – get your quote today.

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