News / Haven Power cuts carbon emissions by 171 tonnes in 2018

Haven Power cuts carbon emissions by 171 tonnes in 2018

5th April 2019

Weight equivalent to 127 BMW i3 electric cars

In 2018, Ipswich-based business electricity supplier Haven Power reduced its carbon emissions significantly, compared to 2017, as part of a wider sustainability improvement programme. The savings were made through a variety of sustainability initiatives, including using renewable energy from Drax.

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Haven Power has continued its sustainability efforts in 2019 by installing almost 500m² of solar panels and replacing inefficient lighting with light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

The company’s also fitted electric vehicle (EV) charging points for staff and visitors to use, and has a BMW i3 electric pool car that colleagues call Evie.

The 171 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO₂) saved over the course of 2017-18 are equivalent to the weight of 127.5 Evies*. The size of the saving means the supplier is closer to achieving the vision of parent company, Drax Group: to enable a zero carbon, lower cost energy future.

In 2018 we invested in various carbon saving features at our HQ in Ipswich, these include:

Paul Sheffield, Haven Power’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “We’re working hard to reduce our own carbon emissions - and to help our business customers achieve a similar goal. By supplying renewable electricity as standard and offering a range of added value energy services, we’re aiming to inspire change in energy use and make sustainability second nature.”

Colchester Hospital is just one of the many organisations that Haven Power has helped to reduce energy consumption, costs and carbon footprint.

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