News / Finding the right electricity supplier for your business – with FREE Request for Proposal (RFP) templates!

Finding the right electricity supplier for your business – with FREE Request for Proposal (RFP) templates!

20th August 2019

It’s commonplace for businesses to switch electricity suppliers to help them save money and achieve greater sustainability. Yet finding the right one for your business can seem daunting. This becomes more difficult if you’re looking to get more from your energy usage, or putting your business electricity contract out to tender for the first time.

This article, plus our handy step-by-step Guide and FREE Request for Proposals (RFP) templates, will help you complete the procurement process.

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There’s a lot at stake when considering a change to your business electricity contract. The array of suppliers on the market, the products and services they offer, and the complexity of like-for-like comparisons. Add to this the recent need for companies to start thinking more sustainably and strategically about their energy usage, it can be easy to feel a little overwhelmed.

Choosing the right electricity supplier for your business

To help take (at least some) of these complexities away, we’ve created a step-by-step guide to the process of appointing a new supplier. Designed to help you make the right decision for your business, it follows the approach that most electricity procurement experts use when looking for the best supplier. And, together with our free Request for Proposals (RFP) templates, you’ll have the tools you need to create and manage an electricity procurement tender process in a structured and logical way.

Our Guide can help you to:

You can tailor the set of RFP templates we’ve provided for sending out to your shortlisted suppliers.

Why go out to tender for the supply of your business electricity?

When the time comes to renew your business electricity supply contract, you might see it as a staple cost that you need to absorb financially. However, as this is likely to be one of your organisation’s largest operational expenditures, it’s an expensive decision to take.

Other companies may think that there’s little or no opportunity to save money, or reduce carbon emissions, through a change of supplier. And others may believe that their hands are tied by a long-term contract. While these justifications may be plausible, it’s still always worth exploring your options – regardless of when your electricity contract is due for renewal. It’s also worth remembering that the products and services you need won’t always come from an ‘off-the-shelf’ supply solution.

As the way we all consume energy changes, many companies are adopting a more focused tender strategy (and more considered research). They’re looking for reputable business electricity suppliers – like Haven Power – that provide innovative, cost-effective and often bespoke electricity supply and self-generation products and services. These companies want their supply (and related services) to have a positive impact on their bottom line, and on their sustainability credentials.

Even if you don’t invite Haven Power to tender, we hope that you find the Guide and templates useful – and that they help you achieve your energy goals.

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